Katalyst Safety Defense Services offers a comprehensive home safety defense consult. Have you ever wondered if you are prepared for an emergency? Will you know what to do? Do you have plans in place? If not, then we can assist you with being prepared for emergency situations. Katalyst can provide information on:

  • obtaining a Maryland Handgun Qualification License
  • best practices for home defense
  • the best weapon for you (lethal and non-lethal)

It is our goal to make you aware and to give you the peace of mind that you will be  prepared incase the time presents itself as an emergency.

Home Safety Defense Pricing

  • Standard Package $200.00 includes

(Consulting on the best home defense weapon, HQL, safes and gun locks, security-electronic & manual)

  • Non-lethal weapons $50.00
  • Physical security $50.00

(camera, entrance security, exterior lighting, etc.)

  • Family defense plan assistance $100.00

(what to do in the case of an emergency, what your family should do in the case of an emergency, how to minimize or eliminate injury or loss of the family)

  • Neighborhood ProtectionNeighborhood Assessment $250.00 Available for initial meeting if ordered 7 days in advance

(information consisting of crime rates, number of pedophiles, schools, robbery types, congregators etc. all within a 10 mile radius)

  • Day & Night time surveillance $100.00 – Available for initial meeting if ordered 7 days in advance

(Normally conducted before you move into a new neighborhood)

  • HQL & Gun buying assistance $125.00

(walking you through the process. What getting and HQL consist of and where to obtain one. If you decide you need a firearm someone will go with you and walk you through buying the right firearm for you)